Travel Tips: Airport Edition

Over the time I’ve spent in Airports… especially during layovers, I’ve learned that preparing is key. Here are a few things I do personally when traveling.


If you’ve followed my blogging journey, you may have noticed one consistent element: comfort.

I enjoy traveling to the airport in the comfiest outfit as much as possible. You won’t catch me in heels on a flight. My go-to shoes are always sneakers. These adidas are on sale right now, so that’s sweet. For this outfit I chose biker shorts from RBX Active and a big oversized t-shirt from Lulus. I always like to bring my black fanny pack which is easy access for my ID, cards, boarding passes, gum and earphones. Not pictured: My warm jacket because I get cold easily!

Here’s another comfortable outfit I wore on my way to the Dominican Republic. This whole fit was actually from Target: the tank top, joggers and white shoes. Once again I am using a fanny pack. This one was from Forema Boutique.

Thanks to CALPAK for my suitcases. I used to carry a weekender bag and it got so heavy, ( I sometimes overpacked haha), so i’m happy to have a carry on with wheels now. Theres a spot in the front of it made just for a laptop so I love how accessible that is.


I love reading but in my day to day life, I am trying to get better at prioritizing reading. Airports are the best place to zone out and dive into your favorite book. Just make sure you don’t miss your flight. πŸ™‚

I am currently reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight and it’s so good!


Before getting on a plane, I pre-download a playlist since I usually won’t get wifi. “Chiller” is the one I created where I’ve compiled some of my favorite chill songs.

If you have any good playlist recommendations, let me know!


Last, but certainly not least, food.
Airport food can get pretty expensive. If you have certain dietary restrictions, it can also be hard to find what your body needs. I personally want to feel at my best while traveling, so I try to stick to healthy eating habits at the airport. It can be easy to adopt a vacation-mode mentality while at the airport but instead I’ll save the splurge for wherever I am visiting ;).

What I bring:
– Re-usable water bottle. I fill it up at a water fountain after security.
– Protein bar. I usually eat one for breakfast for early flights.
– Protein powder. I make a shake with the powder and water.
– Extra snacks like dried fruits, nuts, apples, gum.

Again, these aren’t full on meals, because I like to save my money for real food wherever I am traveling to, which usually means eating is the first thing to do on our itinerary when we land!

This pretty much sums up my airport tips. I am thinking abut creating a post specially for what I bring on my carry-on, so let me know if you’re interested in that! Happy traveling πŸ™‚

PS leave me some of your airport tips below! xx

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