The Healing Process

Have you ever felt like you’ve spent so much time focusing on healing yourself, healing your heart and then moments in life occur that feel as if almost none of the healing happened? Certain wounds creep up. Fear approaches and uncertainty hits. All of a sudden you start questioning .. everything?

Healing literally means to make healthy, whole and restore to health. Sometimes there’s a negative connotation to the term healing. But to me, healing is an art. By fully embracing the healing process, growth can happen. The question is, will we fully lean in, reveal our shadows, and dig deeper in our healing journey?

I love that we are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously. Overtime, I’ve come to realize that healing is actually a lifelong process. Although I’ve healed from the past, it doesn’t mean certain wounds aren’t triggered into my present. If I don’t capture my thoughts in these moments and remind myself what I know to be true, this can cause me to downward-spiral. If a wound is not treated properly it can take even longer to heal. Sometimes wounds even leave scars. I think these scars are there to remind us of what we went through and how we got through it.

As life continues to unfold itself in its mysterious ways, so do the internal layers within my soul which need healing. What I try to remind myself is that the healing process isn’t on my timeline. So many times we want to control the process. We give ourselves deadlines on our feelings.. on our emotions, thinking we know what’s best for us.


From my experience, I now understand that I can’t try to heal on my own. I need Jesus daily.

Walking along Jesus, we are not promised an easy life and our worries and problems don’t magically go away. In John 16:33 it’s says “I have said these things to you, so that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

God understands the fears we face and the doubts that flood our mind, when all that is seemingly safe, secure, and stable is flung into disarray. He isn’t surprised when we come to Him with our pain. We don’t need to hold on to our hurts. We have a good and powerful God who is full of compassion and has already taken record of our hurt. He has a peaceful and hopeful way forward for us if we would just allow him to come close.

God knows the best way out of our pain. After all, He is the one who created our hearts. By leaning on Him, I’ve seen parts of my soul healed in ways I never thought would feel free. I am still in progress and on the healing journey, but i’m so thankful for how far He’s brought me. x

Psalms 147:3
“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds

30 Replies to “The Healing Process”

  1. Amen. Thanks for sharing. Hallelujah for the God who heals us, restores us, and causes us to sing with joy. “In Him” is what I enjoyed the most. The Lord as the Spirit, who is peace itself, dwells in us and we in Him. Keep us abiding in You, Lord Jesus. Apart from You we have no peace.

  2. Our God is so big!! Is there anything he won’t do?! Thanks for sharing your story! 💛

    Also your hair is beautiful!

  3. Wow, this is so powerful! I think this will speak to so many people just as it did to me!
    Thank you Kat! <3

  4. I think when taking time for healing you may not see the results right away. So in your eyes you think nothing happen and it might have been a waste of time until a certain situation happens and you reach differently than you would have before. Trust the process.

  5. This left me with a different perspective today! I’m reflecting on your words. You’re absolutely right, He knows our hearts. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Having control can be an illusion at times. We need to trust the process for healing and provide the time for it.

  7. It is a t the perfect time that I read this post, Indeed that healing is absolutely what I need right now.

  8. You are right, with God we can find peace and healing is definitely a lifelong process. But one of my favorite things I am learning about life is that there is a good chance that you will never fully heal and that is actually a good thing. Those scars are actually a great reminder that you suffered, that you may have made bad decision, that there may have been an accident.
    But none of those situations are dire and dont have to actually be evil. Those scars allow you to learn and grow. Even Jesus didnt heal or hide his own scars and he had some big ones!
    One of the coolest ways to highlight those scars that I recommend you look into is the the of kintsugi. It is an old Japanese tradition of highlighting or emphasizing imperfections that we acquired with GOLD! The Japanese idea wants to help mend your scar so you can function, but it never wants to disrespect the pain, suffering, lessons learned, or recovery you earned getting that scar.

  9. Healing just like other kind of wounds, takes time and can’t be rushed. Glad you are giving that time for yourself. Enjoy and don’t rush.

  10. I really needed to hear this. I wasn’t in a good place for a long time and I’ve been trying so hard to be okay to heal. But now, i kind understand that I shouldn’t rush it. I will be okay, and everyday I’m healing more and more


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