Good question. I think I am still figuring this out myself. I find I am always evolving and learning new things about myself daily.

But, here’s a little summary 🙂

My passion for blogging started in 2014 when I went on one of my first trips out of state and realized I wanted to share my experience with everyone. From that moment I knew blogging was the perfect outlet to express my adventures.

Working at a boutique and makeup store throughout college sparked my interest in all things fashion and beauty. I’ve always enjoyed helping other women find the perfect skin care, foundation or cute accesory to go along with their outfits!

I graduated from the University of Central Florida.
FUN FACT: Growing up I wanted to be an architect, I was even in the engineering program in school.. but soon found out math wasn’t my best subject haha. Soon after, God led me into the Advertising/Public Relations field. God had a way better plan for my life than I could have imagined and I absolutely love what I do.

Growing up in a small town, I appreciate traveling just about anywhere. There’s something so exhilarating about going somewhere new— to a place I’ve never been and seeing new faces while learning different cultures. I also enjoy sharing my perspective with you as I explore new places!

I think God has unique, special plans for us all and I want to truly experience this one life I get on Earth. I’m excited to live it to the fullest while pursuing Him. Join me on my journey as I share my thoughts, current obsessions, and new adventures. My hope is to inspire you along the way!

χo Kat

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  1. This is the very first time I have read a personal blog. Thank you for sharing Kathleen. I enjoy keeping up to date with you. Hope to also see you in person soon. Which store are you at?

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