Behind the Blog


Hello! Welcome to part of what I enjoy doing. A little about me, my name is Kathleen and I graduated from the University of Central Florida with an Advertising/ Public Relations Bachelors degree. I am so happy God led me into that direction because I absolutely love what I do. I actually started my blog back in 2014 when I went on one of my first trips out of state and realized I wanted to share my experience with everyone. Blogging the trip was the perfect outlet. Because of college and life in general, I didn’t actively pursue my blog until 2017. My advice to myself was “one year from now, you’ll wish you started today.” So here I am pursuing what I am passionate about, in hopes to inspire you along the way!

Working at a boutique/ makeup store throughout college sparked my interest in all things fashion and beauty. Not only was I passionate about these things but I really enjoyed helping other women find the perfect piece or shade to help them feel more beautiful. 

Now to my other passion: traveling. There’s just something so exhilarating about going somewhere new— to a place I ‘ve never been and seeing new faces while learning different cultures. Being from a small town, I think I appreciate this even more. Excited to be able to share my tips with you as I explore new places! 

I want to truly experience this one life we get and I think God has unique, special plans for us all. I’m excited to live it to the fullest. Join me on my voyage as I share my thoughts, current obsessions, and new adventures.

χo Kat

3 thoughts on “Behind the Blog

  1. This is the very first time I have read a personal blog. Thank you for sharing Kathleen. I enjoy keeping up to date with you. Hope to also see you in person soon. Which store are you at?


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