Falling For Floral

Beware! Super girly post coming right up.

This time last year, you would have never caught me in a colorful outfit, let alone any floral clothes. *pauses to check instagram from a year ago to make sure I’m not lying* But seriously if you’ve known me, these past couple of years I’ve had one favorite color, BLACK. Black clothes, black nails, black shoes. Borderline goth.  Not only does black make you appear thinner but it matches with everything. Why would you want to complicate things with color?

Well, I think I’ve come out of my goth stage because I was looking at my closet and realized in the past couple months, I’ve accumulated the most floral pieces I’ve ever owned. Who am I? Well, I guess I’ve officially fallen for floral.  Below I’ll share my favorite pieces.







This two-piece set is from my new favorite store, Sundress Boutique in Cocoa Beach. I plan on wearing this for a wedding coming up in the spring! Love is in the air… and in my closet 😍




FullSizeRender-3my happy place.



IMG_5702MANGOS are the best fruit ever. Add some lime and salt and you’re in heaven.

I’ve always had a difficult time finding a romper that I liked. Usually they are too short for me. I finally found one at Forema Boutique that fit me well and it was only $15  so I was sold. This was the beginning of my black to floral transition.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset





Forever 21 strikes again. I recently found this black floral maxi dress there for $28 and I couldn’t resist.



Another piece I snatched from Forema boutique. Two-piece sets are just so adorable and if you add a jean jacket, these are the easiest outfits to look “put together” without really having to try hard.



Last but not least- Love how flowy and comfy this dress is. Once again from Forema Boutique in Waterford. My second favorite boutique 🙂

I am sure at this point you are flowered out! Thanks for taking the time to see my favorite floral pieces. Don’t be spooked, I don’t recommend wearing any of these styles for this Fall season. Maybe for a spring wedding, brunch or Easter etc. Although..you may get away with these now if you live in FL too.. but remember black is always safer 😉  Floral patterns were definitely outside of my comfort zone but I’m glad I gave these a chance because these are now some of my favorite, easy go-to outfits for really girly events.

Psalm 37:4-6
Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires. Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you. He will make your innocence radiate like the dawn, and the justice of your cause will shine like the noonday sun.

I was clearly having too much fun on this shoot. Shoutout to my friend Megan for capturing these photos xo


    1. Hi Mira, One of my favorite ways to incorporate floral into Fall is to find a go-to jean jacket. I personally preferred the over sized jean jackets and I like to pair this with my floral dresses or a floral shirt with some jeans and add booties and you’re all set! xo


  1. ALL of these outfits are adorable and you’re a great model for them! My favorite among these are the very first outfit and the black floral dress. I especially like floral designs on black or dark blue backgrounds, because those make the color of the flowers really pop.

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  2. You’re gorgeous, I love these photos! I love the way florals look, but I’m picky with them. I don’t like flowers normally but I like ultra feminine floral prints for some reason! I’m going to browse Forever 21 now though, to see if I can find something cute for cheap lol

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  3. Always yes to florals, they are my all-time favorite prints on clothes. I like all your dresses and you carry them so gracefully. You look so beautiful, hard to choose one favorite look.


  4. I honestly was SO on board with your post from start to finish. I’m not borderline goth BUT I do tend to stick to basic, classic looks and colors. PLUS, I looked all summer for rompers because I thought they were so cute on everyone but with my gigantic legs, I thought ALL of them were too short too!! Floral look so pretty on you. I think I need to add just a bit of color too 🙂


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